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Jacques Barrett: the special
“Impeccable comic timing

West Australian

It's 20 years since Jacques first set foot on a comedy stage, so it's high-time we saw a special. Your boy already done gone released a DVD and album, sure... but this is a proper world-class hour and everyone’s favourite Queenslandaaa has got a back catalogue thicker than Prince... It's gonna be SPECIAL.

Jacques’ what we in the business call a Road Dog. Travelling from town to town for shows and festivals with a small, wrapped bag of belongings tied to the end of a stick. Kinda like the Hulk, but only destroying comedy club roofs. Well respected by peers and those who know him. He’s not good at much, but he is good at this comedy lark. So come join him for two-decades of signature classics, a high-octane hour of crush nuggets. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


"This man is a championi!" - Jimeoin

"Effortlessly hilarious, joyously dark and a god amongst cucks" - Daniel Sloss

"Impeccable comic timing" - The West Australian

You've got just one chance to see this award-winning show... 6:30pm on Fri Nov 10 at Your Mates Warana!

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