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Nick Capper
"A master of the unexpected, Nick Capper’s punchlines sneak up on you every time"
Beat Magazine
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Nick Capper is a cult favourite on the Australian comedy circuit, having toured across the country and cementing himself as a regular in the festival scene.


Self described as Australia's favourite agricultural comedian, his oddball antics and off-kilter musings make him stand out from the pack, as he blends his country farm upbringing with absurd and surreal comic delivery. 


A regular on the Little Dum Dum Club podcast, and co-host of his own successful podcast, The Phone Hacks, Capper has made a name for himself amongst comedy fans across Australia.

See Capper on the following show at the Festival...

Acts_Dave O Gala.png

opening night gala
the j theatre

nov 9 @ 7:30pm

Acts_5 Froth.png

the 5'o clock froth
& sea

nov 10 @ 5:00pm


nick capper:
meat oblong

nov 10 @ 7:00pm

Acts_Brew Dudes.png

brew dudes
froth zone!

nov 11 @ 4:00pm


lawrence mooney and friends
the events centre
nov 11 @ 7:30pm

Acts_Crafty Comedy.png

crafty comedy
your mates brewpub
nov 12 @ 4:30pm

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