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Nick Capper: Meat Oblong

Australia's premier agricultural comedian, Nick Capper is sick of reinventing the wheel. Now, at the tender age of 40, he's got nothing left to lose - it's time to reinvent the oblong. Don't be a square, come get geometric.

Comedian Nick Capper is a cult favourite on the Australian comedy circuit, having toured across the country, and cementing himself as a regular in the festival scene. Self described as Australia’s favourite agricultural comedian, Capper’s oddball antics and off-kilter musings make him stand out from the pack, as he blends his country farm upbringing with absurd and surreal comic delivery.

‘A master of the unexpected, Nick Capper’s punchlines sneak up on you every time.’ – beat magazine

You've got just one chance to see this werid and wonderful show... 7pm on Fri Nov 10 at Solbar!

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