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Shad Wicka
"Prepare the laugh like you never have"

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A rising comedic presence out of Queensland, Shad Wicka is becoming a regular face in comedy circles after departing Cairns and is now thriving in the Brisbane comedy scene.


Since being kicked off commercial radio, Wicka has become a class storyteller with jokes to match. Shad brings a down-to-earth looseness to the stage that has made him one of the most in-demand hosts in Brisbane and beyond. 


Shad is also one half of the late-night, cult comedy sensation ‘Shad and Pete Save the World!’

See Shad on the following shows at the Festival...

Acts_Dave O Gala.png

opening night gala
the j theatre

nov 9 @ 7:30pm

Acts_5 Froth.png

the 5'o clock froth
& sea

nov 10 @ 5:00pm


shad and pete
save the world!

black box theatre 
nov 10 @ 8:30pm

Acts_5 Froth.png

the 5 o'clock froth
your mates

nov 11 @ 5:00pm


shad and pete
save the world!

nov 11 @ 8:30pm

Acts_Crafty Comedy.png

crafty comedy 
brouhaha baringa

nov 12 @ 12:30pm

Acts_Crafty Comedy.png

crafty comedy
blackflag coolum

nov 12 @ 2:30pm

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