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Vanessa Larry Mitchell
“This is the type of show that deserves the spotlight”
In Adelaide

Vanessa Larry Mitchell is the star of cult hit, Teardrops On My Dildo.


Do not miss this show... it's fabulous, filth and downright hilarious! 


Brace yourselves for a wild ride of side-splitting hilarity with the modern-day Queen of Sass, as she takes you on a laugh-out-loud adventure of her trials and tribulations of parenting, dating and all things female.


"You know when you go out to a club with a group of girlfriends and the handbags are thrown down, and you're dancing all night completely carefree as if the the rest of the world don't exist; and you only stop to rest over a few drinks with teeny umbrellas, and there's always that one friend that is side splittingly funny and holds court all evening? Yep, that's exactly what Vanessa Larry Mitchell's one woman show feels like"

See Vanessa on various shows across the Festival including...

teardrops on my dildo

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